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      Changzhou Junhe technology stock Co., LTD. Is a dedicated to the manufacturing of fine chemicals, special equipment system solutions and services provided by the private high-tech enterprises, in 1998 registered in changzhou, jiangsu province, the registered capital has reached 30.1921 million yuan, net assets have more than one, the company has nearly 10 high-tech products, 10 invention patents, utility model patent nearly 50, system solutions to provide the products are: dip spin coating equipment,metal and non-metal processing cutting cutting fluid, metal and non-metallic cleaning agents, metal and nonmetal between process function of surface treatment agent, metal and nonmetal novel functional coating materials and special equipment surrounding the above chemicals,Zinc flake coating, water treatment agent, etc. Business areas cover auto parts, engineering machinery and machinery manufacturing, LED and LCD, glass and optical products, photovoltaic (pv), metal processing, home appliances, agricultural machinery, and other fields. The company by the market center, r&d center, production center of the big three and the management department, the finance department of the two functional departments and subsidiaries, more than 200 employees. Company production center has chemical industrial park, fine chemicals manufacturing base of more than 40 acres, has a full certificates of class a and class c production workshop and warehouse 15000 ㎡, annual production capacity of 50000 KG, and has built about 50 acres of land for special equipment manufacturing, proposed standardized system integration workshop more than 20000 ㎡, satisfy the chemicals and the system to provide the production needs of the special equipment manufacturing.


      Company research and development center is located in changzhou national hi-tech zone, owns 15 acres of land for construction and is built around five categories of chemicals and equipment research and development and incubation bases, equipped with standardization on the basis of the experimental equipment and testing equipment of the company's marketing center and two functional departments in the changzhou new north area to create building, the company's three big center and subsidiary system solution for customer demand to provide a solid foundation. The company has passed ISO9001 and TS16949 system certification.