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The scope of application of Dacromet

Dacromet has a wide range of applications, it can not only deal with steel, iron, aluminum and its alloys, can handle sintered metal, and the special surface treatment. It involves the industry,  the industry is also quite a lot, such as:1, automobile and motorcycle industry: the origin of Dacromet technology in the automotive industry, the world famous automobile companies, such as American general motors, Ford, Chrysler, France's Renault, Germany's Volkswagen, Italy Fiat and Japan's TOYOTA, MI...
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How to choose the cutting fluid

Start with the selection of cutting tools:1, diamond, ceramics and other materials of the tool, its wear resistance, hardness, etc. are very high, so the general process can not be cut, with the use of water based cutting fluid, mainly from the cooling effect.2, tool steel cutting tool, its wear resistance, heat resistance are very poor, more than 200 degrees Celsius will easily become soft deformation, so choose a good cooling water based cutting fluid, taking into account the poor wear resista...
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