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How to choose the cutting fluid

Posted on 2016-02-18
Start with the selection of cutting tools:

1, diamond, ceramics and other materials of the tool, its wear resistance, hardness, etc. are very high, so the general process can not be cut, with the use of water based cutting fluid, mainly from the cooling effect.

2, tool steel cutting tool, its wear resistance, heat resistance are very poor, more than 200 degrees Celsius will easily become soft deformation, so choose a good cooling water based cutting fluid, taking into account the poor wear resistance, low concentration of emulsified oil has become the best choice.

3, high speed steel material cutting fluid is divided into two kinds of situations, one is high speed rough cutting, this time because of heavy workload, more choice of water-based cutting fluid, this is not to give the tool cooling, but afraid of a large number of cutting heat to the workpiece broke. The other is to carry out the fine processing, this time is generally in the middle and low speed operation, so much choice of oil based cutting fluid and high concentration of emulsion, the purpose is to prevent the friction between the tool and the workpiece, to inhibit the production of cutting. At the same time to improve the accuracy of processing.

4, hard alloy cutting tools, this tool is also resistant to heat resistance, melting point and hardness are very high, the daily use of more oil based cutting fluid, but in order to re cut, it is to be modified into a good cooling of emulsified oil (5%-3%), of course, if it is spray, then the more ideal.
Again to start from the processing of materials:

1, brittle materials (such as cast iron, bronze, etc.) in order to prevent the collapse of the debris from the cutting fluid into the machine guide rail between the parts damage, so the choice of cleaning performance and cooling performance of the water is better, and low concentration of emulsion.

2, cutting the soft material (such as non-ferrous metal and light metal), because the cutting force is small, the temperature is not high, the general choice of good oil based cutting fluid or high concentration of emulsion.

3, cutting hard material (such as alloy steel), if the amount of cutting is not high, the surface is not high, the general will choose the extreme pressure cutting oil and high concentration of emulsion.

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