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1,Dacromet coating there are several kinds of typical technical solution?


  1)Dip-spin Coating
    This is the most widely used way, suitable for bolts, nuts, springs, screws and other fasteners and stamping parts processing. First put through early processing of the workpiece in a basket with netting on top, soaking coating processing, after reuse centrifugal spinning method to remove residual liquid, then sintering processing. Depending on the purpose, can adopt the way of a coated a sintering, but more commonly adopt the way of secondary coating secondary sintering.


  2)Spraying coating
     Applicable to pay attention to methods of dealing with the parts appearance. After put parts in hanger, electrostatic spraying, HongGan processing. Generally adopt the way of a coated a sintering.


  3) Leaching drop coating
      For it is difficult to into the top of the big treated general in this way. Be processed hanging in the coating tank, after soaking coating sintering, standard cases is to use a coating sintering at a time. General rarely used.


2,Dacromet coating equipment maintenance and maintenance
   Dacromet coating equipment maintenance and maintenance is very important work, can make the equipment performance restoration. The content of the equipment maintenance is to keep clean and tidy, good lubrication, safe operation, including timely tighten fasteners loose, adjust activities section clearance, etc. In short, namely "cleaning, lubrication, fastening, adjustment, anticorrosive" cross assignment method. Practice has proved, the service life of dacromet coating equipment to a great extent, depends on the maintenance of good or bad. The following is the company of dacromet coating equipment maintenance and repair items need to be aware of:


1) Perform maintenance and inspection procedures before, shut off the power first. If you absolutely must work under charged state, the operation cannot be too careful.


2) Electrical wiring work can only be performed by qualified electrical technicians.


3) Provide a clear warning that equipment is down for maintenance, not perform operations.


4) In the electrical control cabinet or motor perform maintenance and inspection procedures before, please make sure workshop side power supply (circuit breaker) closed. Note that when the main power switch in the closed position, parts may remain in power. Perform maintenance steps before, please use the multimeter to confirm no residual battery components. If in the case of mains to perform maintenance steps, must be carried out by a qualified electrical engineer.


5) Please do not open the electric control cabinet, unless to perform maintenance and inspection procedures.


6) Make sure that the thread connection parts always firmly on tight.


7) Do not excessive tightening bolts.


8) Always use a designated replacement parts perform parts replacement.


9) During the maintenance, please do not climb to the top of the coating equipment body frame.


10) If the coating liquid impregnation tank for a long time not to use, should be cleaning filtering circulation system, avoid the pipe blockage.


11) If the job after the rest of the liquid in immersion tank, because of the particularity of dacromet coating solution, the requirement is more sensitive to temperature, in order to prevent the dacromet coating liquid of aging and stratification, industrial refrigeration and heating equipment of cold water machine, semi-automatic coating machine start mixing device shall guarantee the normal work condition.


12) If the coating liquid impregnation tank does not use, please use the special coating liquid diluent, cleaning, recycling pump, avoid using liquid condensation dry pump in recycling. Any abnormalities found in 13. Daily check must report to the maintenance engineers. When necessary, immediately repair or replacement.


13) Must be checked according to the daily maintenance engineers of operator instructions take decisive measures timely and properly.


14) If the operation manual, circuit diagram and ladder diagram of content have any questions or problems, if you need help, please contact our service department.


15) If the cause of the problem cannot be determined or malfunction can't repair, if you need help, please contact our service department.


According to the following inspection cycle perform maintenance and inspection.


Check the cycleCheck the project
As requiredlubricationAdd lubricating oil for electric hoist reducer
cleanElectrical control cabinet
confirmAfter the first run and the long downtime of equipment operation
To confirm the equipment level
Connecting bolts fastening devices
everydaycleanEvery day after work, timely cleaning basket workpiece and dryer structure on the liquid slag, in order to avoid adhesion on the artifacts, affect the quality of the product.
Clean the filter on the recycling tank
clearClean dry groove foreign bodies
confirmCheck the storage tank of the oil water separator and oil cylinder, a day on the water through the water drain valve at the bottom of the storage tank in a timely manner.
When the oil in the oil storage cylinder reaches a certain degree, by the arrow on the oil storage cylinder helical, the oil storage cylinder screw, put off the inside of oil
Check and adjust the air pressure
weeklycleanCheck the filter with neutral cleaning liquid detergent and warm water filter, filter should be dry before installation
Clean electric fan, fluorescent lamp surface dust contained in the cabinet
confirmCheck if there's any loose for mechanical parts, whether there is sound in the movement process
Check whether the temperature sensor is loose
Tighten bolts connection of different parts
Three monthsconfirmPneumatic device filter checks
Half a yearcleanWith dry compressed air blowing gently sweep clean all the components in control cabinet
confirmA thorough examination system
Remove the main moving parts, check the wear situation, and according to the degree of wear and repair or replace new parts
Every yearconfirmAdd lubricating oil for electric hoist reducer
confirmFor each bearing add oil the moving parts
confirmA thorough examination system