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The enterprise culture
Honesty, goodness, and enterprises, or happiness.


Honesty: integrity rules, heavy contract; Diligent, studious, diligent execution.


Good: good love, love. Integrity humble, don't take shortcuts.


And: the home of a gentleman. Under one roof.


Us: win-win cooperation. Self-interested altruism, sleep he consciously.


The enterprise values
Heavy contract, execution, love, don't take shortcuts


The enterprise value


Employee's happiness with the customer


Corporate mission


Contribute to fine chemicals to benefit mankind


The company vision
Famous manufacturing with fine chemicals system integration suppliers, to provide customers with system solutions.


Strive for developing in the future, in multiple areas become China, Asia and even the weather vane, leader in the global industry.


Corporate philosophy and purpose


Enterprise tenet: good sincere, service to society, the forerunner, jun and science and technology.


Business philosophy: provide value for the society; Create value for the enterprise; To achieve value for employees.