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2015 fastener expo shanghai

Posted on 2015-06-25
Junhe technology will take part in 2015 Shanghai international fastener TTF attending 25 solstice on Junhe 27, 2015, 2015 Shanghai international fastener exhibition will be held in Shanghai world expo exhibition center. Changzhou Junhe technology as one of the exhibitors for many years, this is not exceptional also, our booth number is 2 g46, friends welcome manufacturers to come to discuss the consultation.



The pavilion of information:
1, the exhibition time: Junhe 25, 2015-27
2, the pavilion location: Shanghai pudong expo exhibition center (both Shanghai's new pudong district road no. 1099)
3, the organizer, Shanghai business exhibition co., LTD
The fastener exhibition exhibition scale is:
1, the exhibition area: 42000 square meters
2, exhibitors and booth: 750 (approximately 2000 booths)
3, visitors: 2100 overseas buyers, domestic professionals 26000 people, is expected to more than 30000 people.
Junhe the event content of science and technology:
1, Dacromet Coating
2, Dacromet coating processing
3, Dacromet coating machines
4, Junhe of the latest research and development of new product