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Causes of Dacromet coating cannot be stored at high temperature

Posted on 2016-10-14
With the development of Dacromet technology, Dacromet equipment plays an important role in modern industry, Dacromet technology environmental protection, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, good permeability, no hydrogen embrittlement, Dacromet coating has been widely used in the production. But beware of Dacromet solutions can not be stored at high temperature, the reasons are as follows.
Dacromet solutions in direct sunlight aggregate, transformation or even scrapped, easy to cause the aging of Dacromet solutions of high temperature, so the Dacromet paint is best stored in a cool place, storage temperature should not exceed 10 DEG C. At the same time Dacro liquid storage time should not be too long, preparation of coating liquid well placed longer pH more easily increase, will cause the coating aging scrap. Experimental studies have also shown that no waste liquid chromatedacromet after preparing the valid under 20 DEG C is valid for 30 days, the temperature of 30 DEG C for 12 days, and in the period of 40 C for only 5 days.
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