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Comparison of the characteristics of Dacromet process

Posted on 2019-01-22
1.Dacromet's advantage
Dacromet's heat resistance is very good. Compared to the traditional galvanizing process, Dacromet will not be affected at 300 °C, but the galvanizing process will peel at around 100 °C. Dacromet is a liquid coating. If it is a complex part, such as irregular shapes, deep holes, slits, the inner wall of the pipe, etc., it is difficult to protect with galvanizing. Dacromet has a good bond with the metal substrate to easily attach the Dacromet coating to the surface of the part. Second, Dacromet has excellent weatherability and chemical resistance. Various oil organic solvents and cleaning agents have no effect on the protection of the coating. In the cycle experiment and atmospheric exposure experiment, it has excellent weather resistance, even in areas near the coast and heavily polluted areas, treated with Dacromet process. The parts are also less prone to corrosion and corrosion resistance is stronger than galvanizing.


2.Dacromet's disadvantage
Some of the Dacromets contain chromium ions that are harmful to the environment and the human body, especially hexavalent chromium ions (Cr 6+). Dacromet has a higher sintering temperature, a longer time and a higher energy consumption. Dacromet's surface hardness is not high, wear resistance is not good, and Dacromet coated products are not suitable for contact and connection with copper, magnesium, nickel and stainless steel parts, because they will cause contact corrosion, affecting products Surface quality and corrosion resistance. The surface of the Dacromet coating is single color, only silver white and silver gray, which is not suitable for the individual needs of the car. However, different colors can be obtained by post-treatment or composite coating to improve the decorative and matching of truck parts. The conductivity of the Dacromet coating is also not very good, so it is not suitable for conductively connected parts, such as the grounding bolts of electrical appliances. Dacromet will age rapidly when exposed to light, so Dacromet's coating process should be carried out indoors. If the baking temperature of Dacromet is too low or too high, it will cause Dacromet to lose its anti-corrosion ability, and Dacromet should be baked in the proper temperature range.