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Dacromet coating equipment maintenance

Posted on 2017-01-10
Dacromet coating equipment requires regular maintenance to restore the performance of the equipment to extend the service life. Maintenance includes cleaning equipment, to keep equipment neat, good lubrication, loose fasteners fastening in time to adjust the gap between the activities to ensure the safe operation of dacromet coating equipment. Equipment maintenance Note the following:
1.Be sure to turn off the power before operating. If it is necessary to work in a charged state, operation should be especially careful.
2.Personnel specialize in electrical wiring work must be performed by qualified electrical technicians.
3.Alert must be done in place, prompt and clear warning sign the staff equipment is being maintained,can not operating.
4.Before maintenance and inspection procedures in the electrical control cabinet or the motor, make sure that the workshop power supply (circuit breaker) is switched off. Note that the main power switch may be left in the closed position. Before the maintenance procedure, The universal meter confirms that there is no residual charge in the unit. maintenance in the power-on condition must be performed by a qualified electrical engineer.
5. Do not open the electrical control door unless performing maintenance and inspection procedures.
6. Check that the threaded parts of the threaded connections are tightened securely. Do not over-tighten the bolts.
7. If not used, need to use special coating liquid diluent cleaning recovery pump, to avoid the liquid condensate dry in the recovery of the pump in the recovery of the pump is not used, should be cleaned filter circulation system to avoid clogging the pipeline; .
8. Dacromet coating solution is sensitive to temperature requirements, in order to prevent aging and stratification coating, industrial chiller cooling and heating devices and semi-automatic coating machine pneumatic mixing device should ensure that the normal working conditions.
Dacromet coating equipment life depends largely on the equipment maintenance and maintenance work is done. "Clean, lubricate, tighten, adjust, anti-corrosion" This is a cross-maintenance equipment rules.