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Inadequacies of Dacromet coating

Posted on 2018-11-22
Due to its superior performance that many traditional galvanized layers cannot surpass, Dacromet coating has been widely used and rapidly developed in many aspects such as civil engineering, transportation, and home appliance hardware, especially in the automotive industry. But it also has some shortcomings, such as:

1. There are not many types of colors

Now Dacromet paint is only silver-white, although black Dacromet is still in development, but has not found a better technology. This monochromatic system is far from satisfying the needs of practical applications such as the automotive industry and the military industry for multi-color systems such as black and military green.


2.  There are some environmental issues

A small amount of chromium remains in the post-treatment fluid of the traditional Dacromet technology, which adversely affects environmental protection.


3. High curing temperature

Dacromet's curing temperature is 300 degrees, which is the key to high energy consumption and high cost, and does not meet the environmental protection concept.


Insufficient surface mechanical properties, not suitable for plastic processing


4. Poor electrical conductivity

so it is not suitable for conductively connected parts, such as grounding bolts for electrical appliances.