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JUNHE Dacromet Coating Machine Sales Promotion

Posted on 2016-08-13

Good news!In order to reward customer’s long time trust and support of Junhe dacromet  coating machine, our company decided to carry out promotional activities for inventory products.


Original automatic dip spin coating machine series now conducted a comprehensive upgrade, coating capacity, intelligence and stability has been further improved, cost effective. In order to provide greater efficiency, better performance of the products, the company decided that all inventory automatic coating machine comprises and curing furnace unified 20% off sales. Welcome customers came to discuss the intention of consulting, Junhe will provide advanced technology and high quality services to give you a satisfactory answer!


Main parameter of full automatic dip spin coating machine DST S 800:

1.Dip spin coating machine:




Max dipping speed(r/min):60


Max centrifugal spped(r/min):300


Max titling angle(°):75


Max dipping altitude(mm):280






2.Suit workpiece: dacromet coating machine


Recommended weight:≤600g


Recommended length(Stamping parts)(mm):180


Recommend size(fasteners)(mm): M4-M16


3.Performance(Based on M10)


Minimum cycle time (s):160


Maximum capacity (kg/h): 2000


Maximum loading (kg/B): 100