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Junhe has successfully participate 2016 SFChina

Posted on 2016-12-09
From Nov 3- to Dec 2,2016 SFCHINA was successfully held in Guangzhou Trade Fair exhibition hall. SFCHINA has been serving the global industry since it was firstly held in has been an important platform for suppliers all over the world to show the full range of coating, plating and finishing technologies, raw materials and equipment, as well as solutions for current environmental regulations and energy efficiency requirements, programs and management systems.
Junhe has been participating for many years. Many customers visit our booth. Our newly developed three-basket planetary coating machine (DSP T400 DSP T350) and single-basket automatic coating machine (DST S800 +), excellent performance, low consumption. A lot of visitors show great interest to our latest coating equipment, hope that after the meeting can have further communication and understanding.
Through the exhibition, Junhe shares with many domestic and foreign enterprises to carry out technical exchanges, deepened the business scope, scientific research capabilities and the company's performance and other aspects of understanding. Not only to enhance the visibility of Junhe, but also create a good atmosphere of cooperation, further promote the surface treatment business and fine chemical system solutions, and create favorable conditions.
The products Junhe exhibit:
1. Three-basket planetary coating machine (DSP T400 DSP T350)
2. Single-basket automatic coating machine (DST S800 +)
3. Curing furnace
4. Dacromet paint
5. Special paint for disc brake
6. Metal parts pre-treatment cleaning agent and film forming agent
7. Aluminum parts pre-treatment cleaning agent and film forming agent