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Junhe shares successful exhibition SFCHINA ® 2015 Shanghai international surface treatment exhibition

Posted on 2015-11-18
On November 18, 2015, the three-day SFCHINA surface treatment (2015), 28 session of China international exhibition held in Shanghai new international expo center. China international exhibition services industry since 1983, surface treatment, is the world's surface treatment industry, an annual event and exhibition content covers the whole surface treatment industry chain of products and technologies.


The exhibition scene, jun he booth attracted countless visitors will stop, and staff with full enthusiasm, all the time patiently communication with exhibitors, exhibits the features and advantages in jun staff excellent speech and presentation is show incisively and vividly, the venue on the professional visitors and exhibitors have a certain understanding of products, and then show strong cooperation intention. Through this exhibition, my company and many domestic and foreign enterprises to carry out extensive exchanges, deepened to the field of enterprise business, technology, engineering performance of mutual understanding, increase awareness of the company area, set up a good atmosphere of mutual trust cooperation, further development for the company and the industry enterprises for complementary advantages and resources integration, to achieve the leap development of enterprises has created favorable conditions.
Junhe exhibited the products are:


Environmental protection silane JH-8035


Water Base Zinc Flake Coating JH-9390


Auto brake disc special coating liquidJH-9610


Silicon Slice Detergent JH-1015, JH-1016


Full synthetic cutting liquid MCF - 101


General type microemulsion cutting fluid MCF-201


Dacromet Coating MachineDST S800 +


SFCHINA ® 2015 Shanghai international exhibition of surface treatment has a successful ending, junhe shares will, as always, with quality products and perfect service, for the majority of new and old customers to provide satisfactory fine chemicals used in industry system solutions!


In this thank you for the guests to visit the booth, junhe shares thank the support of jun he shares!