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Self Dry Silver Top Coat JH-9320

Product Details:
Brand Name: JUNHE
Model Number: JH-9320
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Our for zinc flake coating surface hardness is low, defects in the coating and acid and alkali resistant, draw lessons from domestic formula technology, high-quality raw materials research and production of JH-9320 zinc flake coating special self dry coating liquid, both increase of zinc flake coating on surface hardness, acid and alkali resistance, and can improve the anticorrosion performance of the coating and with zinc flake coating affinity good adhesion.
The main ingredient is water-base inorganic silica , mixed with corrosion protection assistant.The product cost is low.

Technical Data
2coating thickness(μ)First coating≥15
3non-volatile %30
7impact resistance(KG.CM)50
8wet and heat(h)240


Instructions and attention:


1. Dip coating, Spray coating etc;
2. It should be stirred fully befor usage; distilled water or deionized water can be used to adjust viscosity; Operating viscosity: 30-60s.
3. When the environment humidity higher than 85%,can add certain industrial alcohol to adjust viscosity;
4. Curing condition: 80℃/10min+140℃/30min;
5. Cleaning appliance: running water can be used;
6. Avoid acid substances, or polymerization and deterioration will happen;
7. This product can be used alone, the coated surface request oil free, dust free and dry, the better make pre-treatment of degreasing, derusting, and phosphating.


Processing method:


A 1 base-coat+ 1 Top coat
B 2 base-coat+ 1 Top coat (heavy corrosion protection)


Process Parameter:


Dip Coating Temperature RT
Operateing Viscosity 45-60 S
Centrifuge 210~270 RPM/min 10s X 4-8 times
(Centrifuge device can not be mix used with spin dyrer)
Spray Coating Temperature RT
Operateing Viscosity 30~40 S
Curing: 80℃ 10min + 140℃ 20—30min
Corrosion protection of b process flow
Corrosion resistance: ≥1500h (NSS)
Sea water resistance: 25℃≥1500h

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