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Water-based Microlayer Corrosion Protection Coating JH-9392

Product Details:
Brand Name: JUNHE
Model Number: JH-9392
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Composition/information on ingredients
JH-9392 is made up of three packs: A,B and C;
Pack A: It is silver gray slurry that mainly chemically combined with super fine flake Zn, super fine flake Al and ethylene glycol. The radius-thickness ratio of Zn plate is 60~100.
Pack B: It is the solvent of the coating colored in orange-red and in water solution, which contain the Cr6+.
Pack C: It is the tackifier of the coating which mainly made up of cellulose white or yellowish powder.


The workpiece should be degreased if there is oil on the surface. There are three processing methods:
1.High temperature;
2.Neutral water-base degreasing agent;
3.Organic solvent such as methylene chloride.


The workpiece can not be coated if there is rust or burr on the surface.The best processing method is shot blasting. The corrosion resistance of coating will be effected if acid cleaning adopted.


The workpiece afer degreasing and shot blasting should be coated through Dip-Spin coating or Spraying Coating.


The workpiece after coated should be Pre-heated as soon as possible at 80~150℃ for 8~15 mins to evaporate. ( according to heat absorption of workpiece.)


The workpiece after pre-heating should be cured at 300-340℃ for 20-40 mins. ( according to heat absorption of workpiece.)


Pack A: 16kg/ Metal Barrel
Pack B: 24KG Plastic Barrel
Pack C: 5.0kg metal barrel


Quality guarantee period
Before compound 6 months at 20℃
After compound 40 days at 20℃ ( It can be recycled if adding fresh coating continuously. )
It should be stored under 20℃ if not in use.


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