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Anticorrosive principle of dacromet coating

Posted on 2018-10-29
With the rapid development of modern production technology, more and more high-tech products are used to production, especially in the processing industry. The processing technology has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, including Dacromet coating.


Dacromet coating, also known as zinc flake coating, is widely used in many industries. Among them, the combination of Dacromet technology and coatings greatly enhances the anti-corrosion performance of the products. So do you know why it can protect the material?


The Dacromet coating is matt silver-gray and consists of extremely fine flakes of zinc, aluminum and chromate. After the workpiece has been degreased and shot blasted, the coating is dip coated with Dacromet. Dacromet coating is a kind of water-based processing liquid, for processing of metal parts after dip coating or spray brush in coating liquid, into curing furnace, by about 300 ℃ baking film, to form zinc, aluminum, chromium, inorganic coating.


During the curing process, water and organic (cellulose) substances in the coating are volatilized while relying on the oxidization of high-priced chromium salts in the mother liquor of dacromet, and the chromium salt compounds of Fe, Zn and Al are formed after the reaction of single zinc sheet and aluminum sheet slurry with large negative electrode potential with iron matrix. Because the membrane layer is produced after direct reaction with the matrix, the coating is extremely compact.In a corrosive environment, the coating forms numerous galvanic cells, that is, it first corrodes the negative Al and Zn salts until they are consumed before they are likely to corrode into the matrix itself.


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