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Dacromet film structure and performance characteristics

Posted on 2018-09-10
The Dacromet film consists of fine scaly metal zinc, aluminum powder and chromate. It is a matt silver-gray metal coating obtained after coating and baking. It also called zinc flake coating. Although the Dacromet coating looks a lot like a traditional electrogalvanized layer, the Dacromet coating has the advantages that traditional zinc-plated layers cannot match:


1)  No hydrogen brittle. The Dacromet process is acid-free and has no hydrogen permeation problems. It is especially suitable for high-strength bolts and elastic parts after curing at a higher temperature.


2)  The process is pollution-free. The Dacromet treatment process is basically free of three wastes, so it causes almost no environmental pollution.


3)  Extremely resistant to corrosion. The Dacromet film is very thin, but its protective effect on steel parts is 7-10 times that of the electroplated zinc layer of the same thickness. The Dacromet coating obtained by three-coating and three-baking has a neutral salt spray resistance of more than 1000h.


4)  High permeability and excellent heat resistance. The Dacromet treatment process is impregnated or coated, and there is no problem of poor plating and deep plating ability due to the complicated structure of the workpiece, and the coating can be used continuously for a long time in a 250 degree environment, and the corrosion resistance is maintained, the appearance is not affected.


5)  Electrochemical corrosion resistance to zinc-aluminum bimetal. Most zinc layers work well with aluminum or steel substrates to produce typical bimetallic microbatteries, and aluminum flakes in the Dacromet coating eliminate this phenomenon.


6)  Extremely strong recoating ability. The Dacromet coating has good recoatability and can be subjected to secondary painting on the surface of the workpiece after processing.