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Dacromet plated screw torx drive pan head beam end

Posted on 2018-01-16
Dacromet plated screw is most used on motors or the other equipments. The dacromet plated screw has metallic silver appearance. Dacromet is the leading inorganic coating specified by automotive companies worldwide and is a proven coating system in many industries. A water-based, VOC compliant coating, dacromet is comprised mainly of overlapping zinc and aluminum flake in an inorganic binder.
Four Way Corrosion Protection
♦ Barrier Protection: Overlapping zinc and aluminum flakes provide an excellent barrier between the steel substrate and the corrosive media
♦ Galvanic Action: Zinc corrodes to protect steel
♦ Passivation: Metal oxides slow down the corrosion reaction of zinc and steel to provide 3 times greater corrosion protection than pure zinc
♦ Self-Repairing: Zinc oxides and carbonates migrate to the damaged area of the coating to actively repair the coating and restore barrier protection