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Full Automatic Dip Spin Coating Machine DST S800+

Posted on 2018-07-18
DST-S800+ is a new generation of products upgraded by Junhe Technology on the basis of equipment S800. DST-S800+ was put into the market in 2015 and has been widely praised by customers for its high performance and long-term stability.


Full Automatic Dip Spin Coating Machine DST S800+ is suitable for any kinds of zinc flake paints and related top coat, seal, teflon coating.


Technical characteristics


1. 800 mm single workpiece basket for a wide range of machined parts.


2. Tilt to flip, the part can be fully flipped


3. Larger load (150kg/basket), higher efficiency (160s/basket)


4. More intelligent operation mode, equipped with the communication interface, intelligent integration of other supporting equipment and cloud platform data acquisition


Workpiece lifting loading mechanism


1. Chain type lifting flip feeding system, loading the workpiece directly by hand trolley, simple and convenient to operate, fewer collide between workpieces.


2. Apply anti-scratch coating to the transition zone with large drop


3. Reduce workpiece bumps and reduce noise


Belt weighing system


1. Lifting mechanism lifts the workpiece onto the weighing system track


2. Weighing  system weighs the workpiece


3. Improve workpiece weighing accuracy with an accuracy of ±3kg


4. Weighing and feeding to the silo, the silo is coated with anti-scratch coating


Work basket clamping mechanism


1. Workpiece basket clamping conveying, use 4 special high strength spring to clamp the flange on the basket. Each spring has an elastic force of 50kg/cm and a service life of not less than 40,000 hours.


2. Using the screw drive to transfer the workpiece basket back and forth, with torque limiter, safer and reliable.


Dip centrifugation


1. Dip centrifugation, gantry tilt to reduce the effusion rate, and the other tank can be replaced at any time.


2. Tilting angle 75°, Coating evenly, no dead angle, no effusion.


Uniform cloth conveying mechanism


1. Belt conveyor, small bump, easy to clean, not easy to contaminate the workpiece


2. Adjust the asymmetry of the conveying speed according to various working conditions to adjust the thickness of the workpiece


3. The conveyor moves back and forth to flatten the mesh belt to maximize the utilization of the mesh belt.