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Identification of Dacromet liquid

Posted on 2018-09-04
With the opening of the Dacromet market, more and more manufacturers have entered the Dacromet coating industry. In the case of large profit competition in the industry, Dacromet coating companies only continue to improve their technical level, reduce manufacturing cost. So how can we identify the quality of Dacromet's solution?


1. Washing method


The Dacromet coating is an aqueous coating solution. In the Dacromet coating using the flaky zinc powder, a small amount of metal powder is deposited on the bottom of the container. Take the precipitated metal powder into a 500ml beaker, add 400ml of deionized water, stir it evenly in a glass, and let it stand for 30 minutes. Observe that if there is only a small amount of metal powder on the bottom of the water, most of it is still suspended in water. High-quality Dacromet coating solution; if there is spherical powder or cake-like powder precipitation, after removing water, the spherical powder is rubbed by hand, and if it has a smooth feeling, it is a poor quality Dacromet coating solution. In the coating liquid, the zinc powder with a little precipitate is used, and the performance is better.


2. Observation


The zinc powder deposited on the bottom of the cup after washing with water is observed by a general microscope to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the coating liquid.


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