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Introduction of Junhe-8035 metal forming agent

Posted on 2017-10-26
Product description
Junhe-8035 metal film containing silane composition, cold rolled sheets, galvanized steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and steel pretreatment of substrate surface. This additive can replace metal parts of iron phosphating, zinc phosphate and chrome treatment. This additive does not contain volatile material, its metal surface coating adhesion and corrosion resistance, and reduce costs, increase productivity, and can be used for spraying or dipping process.
Product features
Green metal film, does not contain volatile substances, heavy metals of NI-CR ingredients, and after treatment can increase the surface coating adhesion and corrosion resistance. Can improve productivity, reduce waste and waste disposal costs and the burden on the environment, and reduce the overall costs.
Technical parameters
Distribution tank deionized water: conductivity < 30μS/cm; Cl-< 10ppm
Processing time: 3 ~ 5 minutes
The bath temperature: room temperature ~ 40°C
Solution pH value: 3.8 to 5. 5
Process flow
1) degrease-degreasing-recommendations the first two road, such as only one degreasing can increase the concentration of degreaser or raise the temperature or extended skim to get completely grease-free surface to be treated, degreasing agents recommended the use of phosphate products
2) tap water – thoroughly wash
3) deionized water – conductivity must be less than 200μS/cm
4) this silane treatment agents
5) deionized water – electrical conductivity is less than 30μS/cm
6) – 70 ~ 150 ℃ dry air dry or blow dry
Bath control
Bath should keep an overflow (a week 10%), best fill the tank through control of tank in the active ingredients and balanced rules to automatically add the dirt. Impregnated must be used with an overflow or discharge part of the bath on a regular basis to keep the tank balance. This film must be completely dry before painting. Prior to electrophoresis without drying. Solution PH value measurement several times a day. Measurement stability PH meter PH requires use of fluoride (inter-calibration PH 4 ~ 6.86).
Detection method
Conductivity after correction for the conductivity meter with its determination of deionized water conductivity PH meter PH values after the correction, with its precision PH test paper for determination of the PH value of the solution or detection (3.8-5.4 range), we recommend using PH test strips test.
Coating appearance
The treatments on artifacts will produce a series of color changes range from colorless to brown or Golden to blue in varying degrees. Color depends on different inorganic content in the film and substrate of different colors don't show significant differences in corrosion.
Storage environment
Storage temperature between 5-45 c If product 10% precipitation, discard the used
25kg/bin shelf life