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Junhe Brake Disc Coating Line

Posted on 2019-10-16
With Independent R&D, intelligent design, energy-saving, environmental friendly, 100% control by completed operation of product manufacturing, 100% none blind area by quality guarantee.
Workpiece in process, roller loading, seamless connection , automatic chain transmission, synchronizing data transmission , 100% fully control.
One cycle time is 30 seconds for pre-heating process, the brake disc preheating temperature is 50 to 60 degrees centigrade.
Shifting sliding platform completes supporting clamping and workpiece transfer, equipped with the workpiece leveling mechanism to level the workpiece
Divider spraying platform is set inside the dry spray room, equipped with spraying stations and upper-lower materials stations, each station is equipped with rotation axis support points for 3 discs, to swing work alternately
Multi-position robot synchronous spraying system with faster speed and higher precision, using FESTO valve island closed-loop control spraying system,  Spray film thickness is more uniform , to reduce paint waste and more environmental friendly.
Paint supply system is set inside paint supply room, equipped with mixing and filtration system.
The transfer device is applied for upper-lower materials station of divider spraying platform transferring to the natural gas tunnel furnace, and upper materials station  shifting sliding platform transferring to the upper-lower materials station of  Divider spraying platform . Driven by servo motor, close-cycle control.
Natural gas tunnel furnace is equipped with chain transmission, the joist is provided with high and low dislocation support bar to improve the utilization rate of the furnace.
Electrical control uses communication method, which is more efficient, more convenient, support remote fault diagnosis, monitoring and update.