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Junhe Chemical Factory Introduction

Posted on 2018-08-29
Junhe Company has three major factories, a chemical production plant area, a smart equipment production plant area and a fastener surface coating workshop. Today we mainly introduce the chemical production plant area:


The construction area of Junhe Chemical Factory is about 11,000㎡. There are a complete Class A production workshop, a Class A warehouse, a Class C production workshop, a Class C warehouse, a dust production workshop and an administrative office building. The workshop mainly produces Dacromet coating, zinc flake coating, silicon slice detergent, diamond wire cutting fluid and so on.


1. Intelligent feeding system


Each production line is equipped with a set of intelligent feeding system, and controlled by DCS, saving manpower, safe and efficient.


2. DCS control system


The production process of each product is input into the DCS control system, and the process is transferred out according to the product process during production, and the automatic production line is directly controlled by the production process, including the order of feeding, dosage, mixing time, mixing speed, static (sediment precipitation), filtration, cooling and other production steps.


3. Fully automatic filling line


Adopt automatic filling line, save less human factors, ensure filling quality and improve production efficiency.


Class c production workshop has 3 full automatic filling machines and 2 full automatic filling lines. Suitable for packing and filling of 1000L, 200L, 25L, 1~5L. Each fully automatic filling machine includes automatic weighing, anti-overflow system, aluminum foil thermal seal, automatic labeling and automatic code spraying.


Automatic filling line, according to the specific gravity, viscosity and solution characteristics of different products, to ensure the net content of filling standard.


Automatic label sticking machine and automatic code spraying machine ensure the consistency of each package label.


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