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Junhe Dacromet equipment out of the ordinary

Posted on 2018-06-11
Junhe technology stock is based on Dacromet coating solution as the core, related to the process of fine chemicals, and special processing equipment and operation of Dacromet advisory services for domestic well-known system integrators industry.


Junhe is not only the production of coating liquid, also R & D and production equipment. The company's subsidiaries engaged in the surface of Dacromet production for many years, has accumulated a large number of Dacromet coating equipment and production of Dacromet use and management experience, and all of our production equipment, are on the surface of its own subsidiary trial after stable sale.


1. the main components of imports


Centrifugal motor and control system used in Germany's SIEMENS system, the sensor from the German Ifm company, pneumatic components from Taiwan Airtac, cold water machine is selected by the Hongkong Angus. These imported components created junhedadeluo equipment with high quality, high performance, operation more safe and reliable.


2. less energy consumption, high yield


Junhe technology using silicon cotton thermal insulation performance is better, reduce energy consumption. Digital temperature control and multi fan


The circulating system makes the temperature in the furnace. Compared with other electric company equipment combustion to generate heat, Junhe device is using a new generation of circulating combustion gas system, the loss is greatly reduced, saving operating costs.


3. low manpower and material resources


At a new generation of "automatic integration of Dacromet production line, real automation, unmanned, greatly save manpower cost, enhancing the stability of the production process, to avoid human error.


4. non-standard custom


Junhe according to customer needs, customized non-standard equipment is different from the standard parts. Provide technical team effort to customers to solve the problems encountered in the actual operation of the entire process to provide a turnkey service".


5. the repair rate is low


Junhe through innovation and technology improvement of a large number of details, and constantly improve the long-term stability at all equipment and convenient maintenance, thereby greatly reducing the equipment maintenance cost. To save the production cost of enterprises, improve sales and production capacity.


6. Operating conditions of the implementation of monitoring


Condition of real-time monitoring system for development of the new kind, let you easily understand the real-time working condition of equipment, to ensure the process is stable and perfect operation. Save time, improve work efficiency.


With the company's team and technology is more and more perfect, junhedadeluo equipment technology is more mature in the direction of development.