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The attentions of dacromet coating

Posted on 2018-06-14
Dacromet is the best technology to replace traditional electrogalvanizing and hot-dip zinc plating which have serious environmental pollution.It can handle not only steel, iron, aluminum and its alloys, cast iron parts, structural parts, but also sintered metal, as well as special surface treatment.


At present, dacromet coating is widely used in automobile, motorcycle, transportation facilities, electric appliance, petrochemical, gas engineering, construction, etc.It not only improves the quality of products, but also protects the natural ecological environment.


Some matters needing attention in using dacromet coating:


1. Dacromet will age rapidly when exposed to light, so dacromet coating process should be carried out indoors.


2. Dacromet roasting temperature too low, too high will cause dacromet to lose the anti-corrosion ability, so it should be baked in the appropriate temperature range.


3. Dacromet has a short life, so it should be used up as soon as possible.


4. Dacromet has poor wear resistance, so it should be applied on top, followed by other abrasion-resistant coatings.