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The brief introduction of dacromet processing technology

Posted on 2018-05-15
Dacromet processing coating is a new corrosion-resistant zinc-aluminum coating with a salt spray test of up to several hundred hours,whose surface is silver-white, silver-gray and black.


Dacromet processing coating has anti-corrosion, heat resistance, high permeability, rust resistance, environmental protection, and applies to all walks of life fasteners, structural parts, metal parts anti-corrosion processing.


Dacromet processing coating has high rust resistance, high heat resistance, high permeability, no hydrogen embrittlement and no environmental pollution.


Dacromet's main processing products: screw and nut lamp fasteners, electrical gadgets, automotive gadgets and more.


After the treatment of the workpiece processed by dacromet, its neutral salt spray test can reach up to 500. Dacro's coating has excellent rust resistance, acid and alkali resistance, excellent surface hardness, silver white, black, grey and other colors for customers to choose from.


Dacromet coating is fully compliant with the EU environmental requirements and has been approveds by SGS of Switzerland. It has been widely used in automobile, electrical, railway, telecommunication and wind power industries.