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The Development Process of Dacromet Technology

Posted on 2018-04-04
Dacromet technology will be used in the process of industrial production and processing. With the continuous deepening of technology, Dacromet technology has become more and more effective, whose application has been recognized by everyone.Let's share with you the application of Dacromet processing technology.
1.The corrosion potential of dacromet coating and composite coating in seawater is relatively negative at the initial stage, and the corrosion of the coating material mainly occurs. In particular, the surface modification layer of the composite coating plays a better role in blocking the entry of seawater into the interior of the coating.
dacromet coating
2.With the formation of a stable corrosion product film layer on the surface of the chromium-free Dacromet coating, the corrosion of the coating is gradually suppressed to reach a stable potential, and the stable potentials of the two are -0.643 V and -0.632 V, respectively.
3.The difference in the corrosion potentials of the three shows that the zincizing layer has a strong effect on the sacrificial anode of the base metal. In the seawater, the zincizing layer will be quickly consumed and the protective effect of the coating on the substrate will be reduced.
4.Dacromet technology is a complex integrated technology system. Introducing this technology, China did not introduce the surface top Dacromet coating technology which was matched at the same time. It showed resistance to corrosion reaction on the impedance spectrum and became stable. The radius of the two capacitive arcs is large, and the line can be seen approximately, showing the characteristics of the impedance. At this time, the corrosion reaction mechanism changes.