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What are the properties of the Dacromet solution?

Posted on 2018-04-25
The processing industry has become relatively common in our lives and occupied an extremely important position in the market. Nowadays, Dacromet technology is often used in production activities, which not only exerts great results, but also gives us a lot of help in production.
The application of Dacromet technology is inseparable from the Dacromet solution. There’re some details about the properties of the Dacromet solution!


Dacromet technology has the following advantages compared with traditional electrogalvanizing and hot galvanizing technology:


1. Excellent corrosion resistance
The controlled electrochemical protection of zinc, the shielding effect of zinc and aluminum sheets and the self-repairing effect of chromate make the Dacromet coating highly resistant to corrosion. When the Dacromet coating is subjected to a neutral salt spray test, it takes about 100 hours to corrode the coating 1 um, 7-10 times more corrosion resistance than traditional galvanizing treatment, and more than 1000 hours for neutral salt spray test, some even higher, which is galvanized and Hot-dip zinc cannot be reached.


2. Excellent heat resistance
Because Dacromet-coated chromic acid polymers do not contain water of crystallization and the melting point of the aluminum/zinc sheet is high, the coating has excellent high-temperature corrosion resistance.