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What is Environmental film series?

Posted on 2017-10-25
1/ product overview
Junhe-8035 containing silane film on metal surface treatment agent component, cold rolled sheets, galvanized steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and steel pretreatment of substrate surface. This surface treatment agent can replace metal parts of iron phosphating, zinc phosphate and chrome treatment. Junhe environmentally-friendly metal surface treatment agent does not contain volatile compounds, the metal surface coating adhesion and corrosion resistance, and reduce costs, increase productivity, and can be used for spraying or dipping process.
2/ product features
Junhe surface treatments: environmental metal film, does not contain volatile substances, heavy metals of NI-CR ingredients, and after treatment can increase the surface coating adhesion and corrosion resistance. Can improve productivity, reduce waste and waste disposal costs and the burden on the environment, and reduce the overall costs.
3/ Main technical parameter
Distribution tank deionized water: conductivity < 30μS/cm; Cl-< 10ppm
Processing time: 3 ~ 5 minutes
The bath temperature: room temperature ~ 40°C
Solution PH value: 3.8 to 5. 5