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What is silicon cutting fluid

Posted on 2017-10-24
1/ product overview 
Diamond grit cutting fluid is a new product, it is mainly used for all kinds of hard and brittle materials (monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, gallium, indium nitride, quartz, precious stones, non-metal materials, etc) in cutting process, have excellent lubrication, cooling, corrosion, rust, and inhibition of hydrogen, and TTV wafers after cutting surface is small, wireless trace , And the ability to extend the life of Emery lines.
2/the product features
1, contains unique chemical cleaning additives, making silicon wafers after cutting is very clean, easy to clean after cutting;
2, excellent lubrication, which can effectively prevent the wafer cutting process brittleness crack or scratch, reducing the surface roughness of wafer surface and warpage makes processing by minimizing the total thickness variation of Silicon;
3, less foam, easy to use;
4, all the raw materials for environmental protection material, cut waste and easy to handle;
5, a unique suspension, avoid silicon deposition jam machine pipeline.