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Why can't the zinc flake coating stored at high temperatures

Posted on 2018-01-08
Zinc flake coating  equipment plays an important role in modern industry, zinc flake coating application in production is very common, but the zinc flake cannot be stored at high temperature, which is why?


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Because the high temperature is easy to cause the aging of coating solution, storage temperature of zinc flake coating solutions should be controlled at 10 DEG C. At the same time under the sunlight, the coating is easy to polymerize, change and even scrap, so it is best to keep the shade in the light. The storage period of zinc flake coating paint is not easy too long, because the liquid coating prepared time longer, the pH value is more easy to rise, caused by liquid coating aging had scrapped, experiments show that no waste liquid chromatedacromet after preparing the validity period of the temperature of 20 DEG C for 30 days, the temperature of 30 DEG C is valid the 12 day, and within a period of 40 deg.c for only 5 days.


Zinc flake coating solutions must exist in the condition of low temperature, high temperature will make the liquid coating aging phenomenon.