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BG3012 Stepping Tray-Type Curing Furnace

  • Description
一、 Product Profile
JUNHE®stepping tray-type curing furnace can meet the coating requirement of automotive fasteners and hardware parts, batch control,low energy consumption,safety and environmental friendly,prevent mixing materials,low operation cost, informatization,intelligent and IOT upgrade.


    1、Module standardization: stable performance,modular,standardized design,whole machine assembly,plug and play,  easy installation,intelligent selection,easy upgrade,matching with Junhe standard coating machine.
    2、Smallland occupation: compact equipment,multilayer integrated stereoscopic structure,nearly two-thirds less area than conventional curing furnace.
    3、Excellent energy saving and environmental friendly: cooling energy recovery,integral enclosed design,        centralized collection of exhaust air.
    4、Good batch management : stepping tray type continuous pre-heating and curing,each tray matched with each basket of coating machine,batch data control,prevent mixing parts,good batch management.
5、Low operation cost: pre-heating,curing and cooling energy complementary control,energy saving,saving more than 20 % than conventional curing furnace,one side loading and unloading,reducing intelligent investment and labor  cost.


三、Technical Parameter
Max loading capacity:200kg/trayTray size:1200×1150mm
Furnace temperature80~360℃,adjustableHeating methodGas heating,electrical heating,optional
Natural gas energy consumption<25m³/hTotal trays/capacity30 trays,one coat max capacity: 6000kg/h
Total power≤35kwTransmission type2-4min/tray,stepping and adjustable
Effective area furnace temperature uniformityCross section: ±5℃Pre-heating/Curing time12~24min、22~44min
Machine size12500×2750×4365mmSuitable workpiecesAuto parts require batch control
Suitable coating machineJUNHE®DSP T500、JUNHE®DST-D800 seriesSuitable paintSuitable for all types water-base and solvent-base paint
*The above performance parameters may vary due to manufacturing process,electrical selection,installation
size workpiece shape and process selection.

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