Application of Dacromet Coating in Industrial Manufacturing

Posted on 2018-11-26 Dacromet coating has the advantages of high corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, high weather resistance, no hydrogen embrittlement, etc. Dacromet, also known as zinc flake coating. Since its inception, many industrial sectors have adopted Dacromet technology and clearly stipulate that some parts must use it. In addition to ordinary steel parts, Dacromet coating can also be used for surface anti-corrosion treatment of cast iron, powder metallurgy materials, aluminum alloy and other parts. For example, in the automobile production industry, the use of Dacromet technology has greatly extended the service life of the car.


1. Anti-corrosion of parts subjected to heat load​

Some automotive parts have a higher operating temperature, and the surface protection layers of these parts are required to have good corrosion resistance at high temperatures. The curing temperature of Dacromet coating is about three hundred degrees. The chromic acid polymer in the coating does not contain crystal water, and the coating is not easily damaged at high temperature, showing excellent high-humidity anti-corrosion performance.


2. Anti-corrosion of high-strength steel parts​

High-strength steel has the risk of hydrogen embrittlement during pickling and electroplating. Although hydrogen can be driven by heat treatment, it is difficult to completely drive hydrogen. The Dacromet coating process does not require pickling and activation, nor does it cause electrochemical reactions that cause hydrogen evolution to occur, avoiding hydrogen embrittlement, and is therefore particularly suitable for corrosion protection of parts such as high-strength steel parts.

3. Anti-corrosion of fasteners

Dacromet coating guarantees no hydrogen embrittlement and is especially suitable for high strength fasteners. In addition to high corrosion resistance and no hydrogen embrittlement, friction factor is also an important indicator of fasteners.

4. Anti-corrosion of high corrosion resistance and high weather resistance parts​

Dacromet coating is an inorganic coating that does not contain any organic polymer and is therefore not attacked by chemicals such as gasoline, brake oil, oil, lubricating oil, etc. It has excellent chemical resistance to Dacromet. Coating. Dacromet coating is used in automotive manufacturing. Dacromet coating is particularly suitable for corrosion protection of parts requiring high corrosion resistance and high weather resistance, such as door locks, exhaust system parts, chassis parts and automotive exterior parts.



Post time: Jan-13-2022