Automobile aluminum wheel hub system solutions

Posted on 2016-04-12
1、Cutting fluid products:
JH-MCF – 211 Microemulsion extreme pressure cutting fluid1, Cutting fluid products


Product synopsis: this product is a micro emulsified cutting fluid, extreme pressure of lubricating oil, extreme pressure and anti-wear agent, anti-rust agent and other additives. Suitable for processing cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, etc., and is widely used in all kinds of machine tools, machining center of cutting, grinding process. Single machine for liquid for liquid concentrate and the central cooling system all can apply.
Product features:
1, for the red brown oily liquid, belongs to the micro emulsified cutting fluid, extreme pressure of lubricating oil, extreme pressure and anti-wear agent, anti-rust agent and other additives.
2, good lubrication, cooling, cleaning and antirust performance.
3, improve workpiece surface finish to ensure workpiece and machine tool online antirust      requirements.
4, good corrosion resistance, foam inhibiting and emulsion stability of long service life, reduce maintenance costs.
5, easy to liquid waste.
Packing specification: 20 kg plastic barrels, 200 kg drum


JH-MCF – 301 Aluminum alloy emulsion cutting fluid



Product synopsis: this product is a biological stability type aluminum alloy special emulsion cutting fluid, can finish all kinds of aluminum, used in aluminum rolling lubrication cooling and other plastic processing, also can be used for copper and steel cutting and grinding. It is widely used in aluminum and aluminum alloy cutting, grinding and other forms of ideal lubricating coolant, especially for aluminum casting (silicon, magnesium casting, casting copper) alloy of high speed machining.
Product features:
1, the product is a yellow oily liquid, is a stable biological type aluminum alloy special emulsified cutting fluid.
2, the product has excellent cooling and lubrication cleaning, antirust function.
3, products meet the modern high speed machine tools, high-precision, multi-function, high efficiency, high flexible production requirements. 4, the product is generally used to replace the current use kerosene piston ring groove cutting process. No smoking, no fire danger, better working conditions and environmental conditions, improve production safety.
5, emulsion stability is good, not bad, no peculiar smell, use cycle is long.
Packing specification: 18 kg plastic barrels, 180 kg drum

2、The detergent products :
Aluminum acid cleaner is my company processing acidic degreasing before painting one of series of products, because of the type, composition and content of their also slightly different.
JH-1350 Acid Degreasing Agent for Aluminum parts

Product synopsis: this product is mainly composed of weak acid, and with a composition of corrosion, not easy to produce corrosion, no acid mist in the processing, environmental protection, no phosphorus, can simplify procedure (save alkali corrosion and light technology), save investment and improve the work efficiency; Low cost, high speed, the effect is good. Applied to pure aluminum, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy parts of dipping, spraying oil removal light processing, so die casting aluminum suggest do not use this detergent for processing.
Scope of application: apply to pure aluminum, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy impregnated, spray oil removal of optical processing
Packing specification: 25 kg plastic drum, 200 kg
3, Film former products:

Aluminum coating pretreatment color film former is my company one of the series products of aluminum film, due to different models, their composition and the content is also slightly different.
JH-8245 Colorized Film Forming Agent for Aluminum parts

Productintroduction: for low chromium products, film color of yellow to golden yellow color iris, film weight is 0.2 ~ 1.2 g/m2. Used together with acid aluminum cleaner, can simplify the process to save investment and improve efficiency.
Scope of application: suitable for aluminum and aluminum alloy surface anti-corrosion coating treatment
Packing specification: 25 kg or 100 kg plastic drum


System value
1、Cutting fluids regeneration system

2、The automatic dosing device

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