Changzhou Junhe technology will take part in 2015 international exhibition of fasteners in India

Posted on 2015-04-23 In 2015 India international fastener exhibition will be on April 23-24 held in mumbai international exhibition center. Changzhou Junhe the science and technology will also have a stand, show detailed introduction is as follows:


Show time: April 23, 2015-24


Second, the exhibition location: Bombay exhibition center


Bombay Exhibition Centre of Mumbai


Three, our exhibition project:
1, industrial manufacturing with fine chemicals
2, Dacromet coating
3, Dacromet coating processing
4, Dacromet coating machines


Four, professional audience: the audience from the following areas: construction industry, electronic industry, metal industry,Energy and power generation industry, Marine industry, sanitary ware and plumbing products manufacturing, aerospace, hvac, air conditioning services, automotive, communications technology, furniture manufacturing, engineering machinery and dealers.


Five, India overview:


Population: 1.173 billion


GDP: 113.55 trillion rupees ($1.86 trillion). (as of March 31, 2014)


Domestic economic growth, at around 4.7%.Market outlook: India's fasteners market contains unlimited market potential and growth opportunities. Located on the subcontinent on the west coast of mumbai is a city with a unique geographical location. In India has roots in the a lot of foreign companies, the area has attracted 25% of the foreign investment, the government needs to and look forward to more new investors.


Changzhou junhe technology sincerely welcome your arrival!

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