Dacromet equipment features high temperature resistance and no pollution

Posted on 2018-05-10 Dacromet, also known as zinc-chromium film coating, has extremely high corrosion resistance. It is in the germination stage of China's domestic clean production process and a high-tech, known as an epoch-making new process in the international surface treatment industry.


Good adhesion and recoatability : Dacromet coating has good adhesion with metal matrix, and strong adhesion with other additional coatings. The treated parts are easy to spray coloring. The combination of dacromet and organic coatings even exceeds the phosphating membrane.


High heat resistance: Dacromet can be high temperature corrosion, heat-resistant temperature up to 300 °C. The traditional galvanizing process has been scrapped when the temperature reaches 100 °C. Dacromet is free from pollution: Dacromet will not generate waste water and waste gas that is polluted by the environment during the entire process of production, processing and workpiece coating, and will not be treated with three wastes, which will reduce the processing cost.

Post time: Jan-13-2022