Dacromet processing steps

Posted on 2018-07-06 Dacromet technology is a processing technique often heard, because it is very environmentally friendly and pollution-free compared to some previous processing techniques, so many people like to use this Dacromet coating.


Pre-processing: Because the surface of the part usually contains some oil or dust before it is processed, if it is not cleaned, it will affect the quality of Dacromet processing, and the solution will not react well. Only when these stains are disposed of can the oxidation and reduction proceed smoothly.


Coating and baking: The two processes are cross-processed. After the parts are pre-treated, they are inspected and oxidized for the first coating, then dried and baked for cooling; Then repeat the above work for the second coating, baking, and cooling.


The above is an explanation of JunHe processing steps for Dacromet. For more information about Dacromet coating, please pay attention to our official website

Post time: Jan-13-2022