Junhe shares coating equipment directory

Posted on 2016-04-19     Changzhou junhe technology co., LTD. Is a dedicated to the manufacturing of fine chemicals, special equipment system solutions and services provided by the private high-tech enterprises, in 1998 registered in changzhou, jiangsu province, more than thirty million RMB, the net assets of more than $1, the company has over 10 invention patents and high-tech products, nearly 50 utility model patents.
     Junhe is a professional engaged in leaching jilt coating application of new technology of processing and equipment manufacturing enterprises, with advanced manufacturing technology, liquid coating equipment and won several national patents, magni brand in the United States, Germany, Atotech brands, Korean Jeopert brand authorization coating business. Company of north American gm, Shanghai Volkswagen, changan ford certification, investment company established in 2002 to carry out measurement laboratory management, physical and chemical analysis, metallographic examination, and has passed the certification of SGM GP – 10.

Post time: Jan-13-2022