Zinc flake coating equipment

Posted on 2018-06-25 JUNHE tilting type small coating machine DSB D350 is suitable for any kinds of zinc flake paints and related top coat, seal, Teflon coating.


JUNHE DSB D350 is mainly composed of a coating dip coating mechanism, a centrifugal spin-drying mechanism, a coating liquid circulation stirring mechanism, a coating liquid temperature adjustment system, a coating liquid recovery device, a workpiece conveying system, and an electric control system, and the production process generally includes: Upper → dip coating → high speed centrifugation → cutting.


This Zinc flake coating equipment was developed and manufactured by Changzhou Junhe Technology Co., Ltd. Its advantages are mainly reflected in:


1. The positive and negative rotation of the centrifugal mechanism ensures uniform coating, no dead spots, no effusion;


2. Operation method, tiltable design


3. Coating liquid temperature full intelligent control


4. Coating solution can be recycled for reuse, reducing operating costs


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Post time: Jan-13-2022