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Junhe committed dacromet technology and related products for more than ten years, mainly used in a variety of high-performance   anti-corrosion for metals.
Junhe’s main products include dacromet paint and dacromet machine.


1.Dacromet paint
Dacromet paint consists of zinc flake, aluminum flake, metal salt containing Cr and binder composition, coating liquid coating on surface of parts, after sintering to form a new structure and performance of the protective layer.
The characteristics of the dacromet paint.
Pollution-free - there is no traditional electroplating process of acid, alkali, Cr6, +, Zn2 +, such as material of serious environmental pollution, can be referred to as the "green technology".
High corrosion resistance, dacromet paint film only 4 ~ 8 microns thick, its rust prevention effect is traditional, hot dip galvanized zinc for 7 ~ 10 times.
No hydrogen embrittlement, traditional electroplating by pickling, separation of hydrogen in the process of zinc deposit, and dacromet paint hydrogen does not exist in the process of infiltration.
My company products are: Dacromet paint JH - 93 - xx series and so on.


2.Dacromet machine
Junhe production of dacromet machine is made for different surface coating, apply various micro zinc aluminum coating metal anti-corrosion coating liquid (including solvent and water based coating liquid) and liquid phase matching and the coating surface coating/sealants coating. Scope: can be coated workpiece fasteners M6 ~ m2-m24, single weight < 600 g, stamping parts, small iron and steel products, such as spring workpiece blue tier up to 15 cm. Capacity: the highest capacity can reach 6000 kg/h (in terms of M10 bolt). Main institutions: Zinc flake coating line, curing furnace, weighing feeding system, fabric connection system, control system operation)



Coating machine


Curing furnace
Working principle diagram

Note: this device can customize according to customer's requirements.Coating Machines
Dacromet paint
Semi-automatic coating machine
DSB D650
JUNHE®DSB D650 Suitable for any kinds of zinc flake paints and related top coat ,seal, teflon coating.
Junhe three-basket planet type coating machine
DSP T350
JUNHE® DSP T350 Suitable for any kinds of zinc flake paints and related top coat, seal, teflon coating.Features: Basket planet type configuration, every time convert direction can realize the workpiece location swap, the qualified rate of blind hole workpieces is very high, full automatic design, efficient and energy saving.Equipment main body: Weighing loading system, dip-spin coating system, conveyor distributor, operation control system.