JH-1020 Single Silicon Wafer Cleaning / Silicon Slice Detergent PH 12.0-14.0

Short Description:

Place of Origin: Changzhou in china

Brand Name: JUNHE

Certification: ISO9001 TS16949 SGS

Model Number: JH-1020

Product Detail

Product Tags

Minimum Order Quantity: 500 Kilograms
Packaging Details: 1000kg/barrel
Delivery Time: Ten days after receipt of advance payment
Supply Ability: 2 Tons per Day

Color: Colorless To Yellowish Liquid
Specific Weight: 1.01-1.25
PH: 12.0-14.0
Free Alkalinity(piont): ≧13.5mg


1. Brief
This is patent products for degreasing electron level and solar grade silicon slice in IT and solar battery area, and the patent number is ZL200710020269.6. The product contain double group with good performance in emulsion saponifiation edulcoration to tallowvegetable oilmineral oilsoliquiodgrinding past , also in stripingcomplexing edulcoration to metal ion.

2. Feature
1) single group products with perfect PPR(performance price ratio)
2) be free from calcium, magnesium, metal, copper, lead and phosphor, and meet the requirement of ROHS.
3) low foam, no foam overflow in ultrasonic cleaning.
4) good degreasing performance to meet the requirement of high-accuracy IT area.

3. Instructions
1) put pure water into cleaning tank till three-quarter, then, add agent in 3% -5% concentration, add water till working level, last, heat the bath solution till working temperature.
2) need to change bath solution completely after degreasing certain amount silicon slice.
3) reduce exposed time in air to avoid oxidation.
4) working temperature 50-65 degree, disposal time: 2-5minutes.

4. Notes
1) solar bar can not touch water, need to dip into soliquiod or degreasing agent if can not clean in time.
2) need to disposal solar bar in time as soon as it came into degreasing process to avoid air-dry.
3) keep solar bar wet when deguming to avoid air-dry.
4) to avoid fragment, need to shut down bubble switch of no1 and no2 tank when ultrasonic degreasing, then, turn on the switch after fixing.
5) need to change no5.6 and 7 tank after one cycle degreasing.
6) silicon slice can not be touched. The workers must work with gloves to avoid fingerprint.
7)to achieve the clearance, need to spray silicon slice at least 30miniuts before degumming.

5. Additions
1) packing:20kg/carton(2kg/bottle),25kg/plastic barrel, 1000kg/barrel
2) validity time: one year

Technical Data

Classification project JH-1020 Test Standard
Appearance Colorless to yellowish liquid visualization
Specific weight 1.01-1.25 densimeter
pH 12.0-14.0 PH instrument
free alkalinity(piont) ≧13.5mg CYFC

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