Zincover® 9730 Water-base Chrome-free Zinc Flake Coating

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Zincover®9730 is water-base chrome-free zinc flake coating paint,independently developed by Junhe.It does not contain heavy metal ions,meets RoHS standard,meets the requirements of China EnvironmentalProtection Law,no heavy metal emission,suitable for various fasteners and hardwares.Excellent anti-corrosion coating property. The paint has excellent salt spray resistance and strong adhesion ability,which meets thecoating standard requirements of fasteners and hardware parts of most auto companies.



1、 Safety and environmental friendly: water-based,low VOC,no heavy metal,in line with GB24409 - 2020 \ GB30981 - 2020 \ GB / T18178 - 2020 \ GB30981 - 2020,also meeting the instruction requirement of EU RoHS ( 2002 / 95 / EC ) and ELV ( 2000 / 53 / EC ).

2、Excellent anti-corrosion property:

Thickness of coating layer

Coating amount

Salt-spray Test(ISO9227/ASTM B117)


≥240 mg/ dm2

1000h no red rust


≥240mg/ dm2 base coat+ Zincover® 9130 top coat

≥1600h no red rust(top coat 1~3μm)

3、Wide coating Proces range: dip spin coating,spray coating and Leaching.
4、Wide functional properties: coating layer resists 400 °C high temperature,no hydrogen embrittlement,strong recoatability.
5、Long storage time: after mixing part A and part B,stirring at 20-25 °C,the performance loss is less than  20% within 20 days.

Technical Parameter



Ø800 centrifugal speed

230~300 rpm/min

Solid content


Use viscosity(Zahn Cup #2)

Dip spin: 60~80s,spraying: 30~60s,leaching: 20~40s




20±10℃/more than10min

Viscosity(Zahn Cup #2)


Curing /Time

320±10℃/more than 20min

*These properties may vary depending on the substrate,process,batch and workpiece shape.

Application Field

Anti-corrosion coating of fasteners and hardware Components in automobile,wind power,photovoltaic andhigh speed railway industry.

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