Water-base Microlayer Corrosion Protection Coating (chrome free)

Short Description:

Brand Name: JUNHE

Model Number:JH-9318

Product Detail

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Minimum Order Quantity:100 Kilograms
Packaging Details:
Pack A:16kg/ Metal Barrel
Pack B:24KG Plastic Barrel
Pack C:Based on the amount of B agent A
Delivery Time: Ten days after receipt of advance payment
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 2 Tons per Day

Color: Silver
Coating Method: Dip-spin & Spraying
PH(20℃): 5.0-8.0
Specific Gravity: 1.30-1.40 (spray Coating)
Viscosity: According To Operating Demand.
Operating Temperature: 22±2℃

Coating Process

1.Mix Ratio
Pack A: Pack B: Pack C=1:1: X(according to different viscosity demand )

2.Before Mixture, Keep weighted A&B into the water bath at 20-25℃ , then stir A to make metal slurry disperse uniformly by frequency mixer ,after A is fully evenly dispersed, and add B.

3.Stirring A,add B along the wall of the barrel A slowly, add B in 2-3 batch.

4.Speed up striing after B added, make sure the coating paint is fully mixed,then add C. C should be powdered if lump exist.(The barrel temperature should not be lower than 30℃, otherwise C will not be dissolved sufficiently .)Then stir 12 hours alowly and continuously.

5.The coating should be filtrated by 80 mesh stainless steel screen before pouring into dip barrel.

6.Temperature control device should be equipped with dip barrel to keep the temperature of coating at 20±2℃.(If temp. is too high, the paint is liable to deteriorate, and viscosity will be effected.) The coating should be stirred circularly to keep evenly dispersed.

7.Test Specific gravity、PH、Temperature、Viscosity of coating every 8 hours if operate continuously.


Mix Diagram



Other chemicals such as any kinds of acid, alkali salt can not be mixed into coating, for these can activate Zn & Al plate to aging the coating.

Avoid irradiation of sunshine and ultraviolet ray for long time when operating, otherwise it will accelerate aging or polymerization of the coating .

It is very important to control the temperature of coating. If the temperature of coating changes when operating, it will effect the viscosity, then effec the coating quatity on workpiece. So the relations among temperature,viscosity and spinning process shoud be controlled well when coating.

The viscosity will be different if coating method is different. Choose low data if spray coating,and choose high data if dip spin coating.

Technical Data

No. Item Data
1 PH 6-7.5
2 Specific gravity (20℃) 1.35±0.1 (spray coating)
3 Viscosity 100-200s  20°C  ZAHN #2
4 Operating temperature 20±2℃

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