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Dip spin coating machine is mainly based on zinc flake coating liquid coating on the surface of a metal artifacts. Apply various micro zinc flake coating metal anti-corrosion coating liquid (including solvent and water based coating liquid) and liquid phase matching and the coating surface coating/sealants coating.The overall structure is reasonable, compact, beautiful and durable, smooth operation, convenient control and flexible operation.
Equipmentmain body:Coating machine,curing furnace,weighing loading machine,conveyor distributor,operation control system.

Coating machine

Sintering furnace

Coating machinemain parameter
DSB S300DST S800DST S800 +
Max centrifugal speed360 r/min300 r/min360 r/min
Max tilting angle30 L75 L30 L
Max load of basket20 kg100 kg20 kg
Shortest production rate180 s160 s180 s
Max capacity400 kg/h2000 kg/h400 kg/h
Suitable workpiece weight≤ 600 g≤ 600 g≤ 600 g
Suitable workpiece length≤ 15 cm≤ 18 cm≤ 15 cm
Suitable workpiece Hex socket screw,hexagon bolt,nut etc which suitable for dipping process.Hex socket screw,hexagon bolt,nut etc which suitable for dipping process.
Sintering furnace main parameter
FG 1412FGG 1812
Recommended (max)1500 g/pc1500 g/pc
Recommended length (Stamping parts)280 mm280 mm
Recommended size (Fasteners)M4-M20 mmM4-M20 mm
Heating capacity400000 Kcal/h100000 + 450000 Kcal/h
Power28 kw38 kw
Max curing temperature350 ℃350 ℃
Temperatureuniformity control± 5℃± 5℃
Cooling capacity5℃ Over room base5℃  Over room base
AVG. Temperature of outer panel5℃  Over room base5℃  Over room base
AVG. Heating up time40 min30 min
Max load capacity / mesh-belt 200 kg/㎡300 kg/㎡
AVG.Gas consumption20 m3/h28 m3/h
Max output8000 kg/h10000 kg/h
Belt convey speed0.23~0.52 m/min0.30~0.67 m/min